Need a bot? I can build it.
My name is valkyrie_pilot, and I love programming. I have experience building many types of systems, from small discord bots for small servers to websites designed with massive scaling in mind. I've worked on projects from the adorable tinylevel to large, complex systems like experienced and speederboard. Whatever you have in mind, I can help you.
Discord bots Full-featured discord bots, designed for your server. Hosting is also available, if you wish for me to do that. $10
Website backends JSON data-storage and access-control backends for your website. Rust and Postgres preferred, higher pricing for other stacks. $50
Websites Custom, full-stack websites, with a UI for you to control your content and any special features you need. Hosting is available. $250
Other CLI and network application development Anything from a CLI application to convert a bunch of pictures quickly to a system to restart your compose containers with webhooks. $25
Get in touch.